How I Learned Objective-C

Hi, I haven’t updated in about a month. The reason why is that my 9 month old child is now crawling. This means I have far less time than I had before. (You may or may not know that my regular job is professional father.) 🙂

Anyway, I have plans for improving Lens•Lab and I also have other app ideas in the hopper. I just wanted to write a quick note and give a shout-out to something that really helped a lot when I was learning Objective-C (the programming language used by iOS and Mac OS X.)

It’s a book called “Programming in Objective-C” and it’s written by Stephen Kochan. This book was really helpful when I decided I wanted to learn the language.

The reason why it’s great is that it teaches you the language without involving the development environment or any of the higher level frameworks. It’s a great book even if you don’t know that much about C or C++. In fact, no prior knowledge of C is required as the author treats C and Objective-C as two parts of the same language (because they are.) If you have a basic understanding of programming languages and want to find out more about programming in Objective-C, I really recommend this book.


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