Lens•Lab Mac

Hello! Would you like to try the Mac version of Lens•Lab before it hits the Mac App Store?

Here ya go!

You’ll need Mac OS X 10.6 and a dual core processor helps! Post any comments or feedback below! Thanks!





6 thoughts on “Lens•Lab Mac

  1. Hi Jeff

    Now you have a paid for version on the Apple app store you might want to take off the links to the free or beta or test versions. A bit miffed I could have come on here on grabbed a free version when I forked out the princely sum of…ok 69p! But all the same I’d delete the previous versions from your blog.

    1. If people want to scour this blog for beta versions and avoid the massive 69p charge they are free to do so. 🙂

      In fact, let’s do a little experiment to see how many people download the beta from this page vs. sales!

    2. For those keeping track, as of today I have a total of 5 downloads of the still available Lens•Lab beta! 🙂

  2. Kemer Thomson

    Now that I am using fast (prime) lenses, I find Lens•Lab particularly useful. I currently use Micro Four Thirds, which the application remembers next time I start, but it reflects full frame calculations. Work around is to then switch to full frame, then back to micro four thirds. Perhaps this is an artifact of new Lion features.

    1. Hi Kemer,

      Thanks for the feedback. I see the bug you’re talking about (defaulting to full frame.) There was an extra line of code that shouldn’t have been there. It’s been fixed and should be showing up in the Mac App Store soon!

  3. the sassy one

    Mr. Menter,
    your name should be Mentor since you sir are truly my Mac Guru!!
    Thank you !! Thank you for such an Amazing App!

    I love my LensLab and I fully support you and your creation.
    I am sorry it took me waaaay toooo long to comment and tell you this but
    Please sir, make us some more handy dandy delightful apps!!

    Im not sure what Harold04 is getting all twisted about and I cant believe he
    is complaining about a few coins for a uniquely thoughtful, useful tool.

    Harold04….from comment above…. don’t you have some photos to shoot instead of shooting off miserly complaints over .99 pennies?

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