Lens•Lab for iOS development update.

Greetings, fellow photography nerds!

We’re working on an update to Lens•Lab for iOS devices. Here’s what we have in store:

  • Editable constraints for focal length. For example, I can set the focal length to go from 24mm-85mm, just like the lens I currently have on my Canon 10D.
  • Editable constraints for aperture. For example, I can set the aperture to go from ƒ/3.5 to ƒ/22, just like the lens I have on my Canon 10D.
  • Aperture values are straight decimal values now. (They used to snap to 1/2 stop increments but now it’s more versatile.)
  • A new Lens Information panel with the following information:
    • Sensor Size & crop factor information.
    • Angle of View (Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal).
    • Plane of Focus (Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal size of the focal plane.).
    • …also for Depth of Field Near and Depth of Field Far.
  • …and more!

We are excited about this release! If you are interested in trying this version out before it goes public, leave a message here or send an email to jmenter+blog [at] gmail [dot] com.

3 thoughts on “Lens•Lab for iOS development update.

  1. I just downloaded Lens*Lab for my iPad, so far I really like it. Quite easy to use … there are some limitations that I think could be helpful to overcome …

    – I have lenses up to 400mm and you only support 200mm 😦
    – Distance bar doesn’t go far enough ..

    I know that this would make the sliders too touchy though … perhaps a switch (like on my 100-400mm lens) that lets you switch on long distances and longer focal lengths (so limit the slider to 100mm and above or 100mm and below … 100 feet and above, 100 feet and below) …

    Just a thought, though you don’t want to make it too widgety …

    Great app though, love the layout and simplicity, keep it that way!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Paul.

      Yes, the next version of Lens•Lab will have configurable constraints (I have the maximum focal length configurable up to 2000mm.) I haven’t had any requests to change the focal distance and that might be more tricky to pull off as that is completely tied in with the background art assets. I’d have to come up with something bigger than the Statue of Liberty.

      How far is far enough for you for focal distance? Thanks again for the feedback!

      1. Hmmm, I think I take back everything I said about distances … landscapes with foregrounds I focus close and rely on hyperfocus distance.

        My last shot was of Mt. Bierstadt at roughly a mile away 🙂 The trick with these landscape shots is to ensure you have the foreground in focus (wildflowers / reflection / etc…) … but with the “interesting” stuff so far away, it is beyond the hyperfocus range, so it just “works” for the most part.

        For example, here is f/4, 14mm focused at about 100 feet away …using your app I can go up to about 328ft and I notice that the DoF Near is 2.4ft … hmmm …

        So, basically, everything beyond 2.4 feet is in focus which is what you see …

        Perhaps 328 feet is sufficient now that I’ve thought about it a bit … I’m really relying on hyperfocus.

        The other distance I tend to use is a soccer field for sports … so 300 feet which you support (but for that I have my 400mm lens out … which you don’t). So I suspect the common sports ranges are interesting, common macro ranges, common portrait ranges and then common landscape ranges while getting the foreground wildflowers in …

        I take back everything I’ve said … looks fantastic … would love to see a longer lens range supported 🙂

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