How I fixed a headphone jack

January 15, 2012

Hey kids. Long story short, the tip of a headphone plug broke off in the headphone jack of my lover’s MacBook Air. It seemed like there were three ways to fix it:

  1. Pull broken piece from outside.
  2. Push broken piece from inside.
  3. Replace jack.
Option 3 was a total nonstarter. Well, unless my repair attempts managed to fuck it up further.
I made some attempts at option 1 but the most success I had was extracting a bit of the metal sleeve of the plug.
Option 2 seemed worth trying until I looked at iFixit’s teardown and also realized that I would need a $20 pentalobe bit. (Fuck you, Apple!)
So I eventually went with option 1, pulling the piece from outside. I thought about using super glue to adhere the piece of detritus to something long and skinny but decided on something else.
I happened to have a pair of tweezers that were really narrow. I bent the very tips in to make them more grabby. VoilĂ ! Here’s a photo of my success: