How I fixed a headphone jack

Hey kids. Long story short, the tip of a headphone plug broke off in the headphone jack of my lover’s MacBook Air. It seemed like there were three ways to fix it:

  1. Pull broken piece from outside.
  2. Push broken piece from inside.
  3. Replace jack.
Option 3 was a total nonstarter. Well, unless my repair attempts managed to fuck it up further.
I made some attempts at option 1 but the most success I had was extracting a bit of the metal sleeve of the plug.
Option 2 seemed worth trying until I looked at iFixit’s teardown and also realized that I would need a $20 pentalobe bit. (Fuck you, Apple!)
So I eventually went with option 1, pulling the piece from outside. I thought about using super glue to adhere the piece of detritus to something long and skinny but decided on something else.
I happened to have a pair of tweezers that were really narrow. I bent the very tips in to make them more grabby. Voilà! Here’s a photo of my success:

3 Responses to How I fixed a headphone jack

  1. Ceili says:

    See, I hadn’t realized that it would be the soft, squishy part of the cable you were reaching for. The time this happened to a friend of mine, she managed to break off just the metal shaft.

    Furthermore, speaking as someone who generally dislikes wordpress, your theme is absolutely lovely. I’m always intrigued by the themes programmers choose for themselves.

  2. jeffmenter says:

    Yeah, I removed some metal shaft before getting to the plastic part.

    WordPress is the least evil of the blogging platforms. The days of me poring over xhtml and css are long over, now I just pick a theme. The weirdest thing about the theme I chose is that, after choosing it, I discovered that the people who made it are from CoMo! What are the odds?

    • Ceili says:

      Ahh, see, I DID see that they were a como group, but didn’t actually look into them. I had been assuming you were somehow involved in the design.

      I actually love css – it’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s like prepping a mise en place – mindless and intuitive and you don’t really think about it and if you did it well, it will bring as little attention to itself as possible.

      That said, I lack any eye for design at all. This is news to nobody.

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