A small note on sales.

This is just going to be a little post on sales. I hate talking about money and marketing. But it’s sometimes necessary. So here we go.

Item #1: iAds. I added ads to three of my free apps. They are not high traffic apps and don’t have a huge level of engagement. I’ve made maybe $7 in the past three weeks with all these apps. I won’t go into the numbers but I’m just going to conclude that my experiment in seeing if adding ads to my free apps was worth it is a failure. Conclusion #1: adding advertising to low-traffic free apps is totally not worth it.

Item #2: I increased the price of Lens•Lab from Tier 1 to Tier 2 (which means an increase from $.99 to $1.99 for those in the US.) I did this a couple of weeks ago and sales have not been affected one bit. This is great and leads me to conclusion #2: for useful, niche applications, people are not nearly as price sensitive as you might think.

Item #3: My boil addition timer, BrewTime, has been released but sales weren’t as you might say, spectacular. I posted on Reddit’s homebrewing subreddit that I had made a homebrewing app and made a post with a link to the app and 10 promo codes. That day, I ended up giving away 10 copies but I sold more than that. Sales were strong that day and many days following. I tried to not seem too smarmy but I figured that other homebrewers might find the app useful. Conclusion #3: for useful, niche applications, you can instigate small-scale, organic communication with potential customers and not feel like you’re selling your soul and being skeevy.

Anyway, I should probably not call these “conclusions”, more like little things I’m learning along the way. What think?


3 thoughts on “A small note on sales.

  1. Good info on point #2, Jeff. I am considering a higher price point for one of my upcoming apps, and it’s nice to see that it might not have a huge impact on sales.

    1. Thanks for the comment Marty!

      Optimal app price is definitely a hard nut to crack but I think it behooves any developer who is (at least trying) to make quality apps: if your audience is not the Angry Birds crowd then you should not be afraid to charge more for a really useful app.

      I actually had one of my beta testers tell me this (regarding the BrewTimer app.) He told me that if an app was useful that him paying $1 or $10 didn’t really matter. Having the useful app with him at all times was paramount.

      By the way, I have some thoughts on your UIView fade in animation weirdness that I’ll share later after I’ve had a chance to do some testing.

  2. Thanks Jeff, I look forward to your thoughts! 🙂

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