A better UIPickerView

Working on a new/old project. Thought I would wrap my UIPickerView customizations into a self-contained class. Here it is.

I’ve improved UIPickerView by adding in presentation and interaction functionality that it should frankly have had from the beginning. Here’s what it does:

1.) Added a (void)show and (void)hide method. This makes the pickerView pop up from the bottom of the screen and pop back when asked. When the pickerView pops up, the background of the view controller (or navigation controller if that’s what we’re presenting in) dims and becomes a dismissal tap target.

2.) Added three delegate methods to notify clients if the pickerView has popped up, if it has disappeared, or if the selection indicator was tapped.

To use it in your view controller, just make your VC conform to the JMPickerViewDelegate protocol, and init it with a delegate and view controller. Easy peasy!

Get the code on GitHub or download the Xcode Project here.

1 thought on “A better UIPickerView

  1. Elektraglide

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.

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