Twitter Client Tutorial Update

May 10, 2014

Over a year ago I posted a tiny not-quite-tutorial on pulling down Twitter user timelines into a simple UITableView. Twitter has since changed the way their API works and you now need to be authenticated before you can use their API.

I’ve put together a new Xcode project that handles the authentication (assuming you have a Twitter developer account and have created an app), and does some other nice things. The project is up on the githubs and is a pretty good place to start if you’re interested in building iOS apps.

The project covers a lot of the main iOS programming techniques, namely:

  • Using Categories
  • Making URL Requests
  • Using UITableViews
  • Showing UIAlerts
  • Pushing UIViewControllers onto the navigation stack
  • UI niceties like keyboard management and activity indicators

If you’re interested in an Xcode project that’s not too complicated that you can play around with and learn more with, check it out!