Simple SVG Parser for iOS

I’ve added a simple SVG Parser for iOS on github. Get it here:¬† Here’s how it works: 1.) Call the class method to get back an array of styled shapes self.shapes =¬†[JMSVGParser parseFileNamed:@”awesome_tiger”] 2.) In your view’s – (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect method, tell each shape to draw, like this: for (JMStyledPath *styledPath in self.shapes) { [styledPath drawStyledPath]; … Continue reading Simple SVG Parser for iOS


Canon EOS M Not-Quite-A-Review

I normally talk about software development and computing generally here but I thought I would post a quick note about this new piece of camera gear that I got recently. It’s a Canon EOS M, their first mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera. I hadn’t planned on getting any new camera gear but I saw this … Continue reading Canon EOS M Not-Quite-A-Review

Dot Notation in Objective-C

I’m going to jump right into this contentious issue. There has been a lot written about using dot notation in Objective-C. Before we get into the arguments, let me first show you something from some actual code I’m working on right now: “Normal” bracket notation Objective-C: [fetchRequest setSortDescriptors:[NSArray arrayWithObject:sort]]; Dot notation Objective-C 2.0: fetchRequest.sortDescriptors = … Continue reading Dot Notation in Objective-C

A better UIPickerView

Working on a new/old project. Thought I would wrap my UIPickerView customizations into a self-contained class. Here it is. I’ve improved UIPickerView by adding in presentation and interaction functionality that it should frankly have had from the beginning. Here’s what it does: 1.) Added a (void)show and (void)hide method. This makes the pickerView pop up … Continue reading A better UIPickerView

A better SeekBar for Android

Still working on Part 2 of my Android development retrospective but I thought I would put this out here real quick. One of the smaller pain points in developing for Android was the SeekBar object. The SeekBar is a UI widget object that is roughly analogous to the UISlider in Cocoa Touch. The UISlider has … Continue reading A better SeekBar for Android

So long, App-A-Week challenge. Hello, App-A-Month challenge!

Hello, dear readers. I have some news. You haven’t heard much from me lately because I recently (like 3 weeks ago) got a really kick-ass job doing mobile app development with a really cool company. That means I have far less time to work on my own iOS projects. BUT, I still intend to work … Continue reading So long, App-A-Week challenge. Hello, App-A-Month challenge!