New app: SensaView

I have a new app on the app store! It’s called SensaView, you can get it here. SensaView shows you the output from the various sensors on your iOS device. It will report location (lat, long, altitude), vector (course, speed, heading), accuracy estimates, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. It’s not super exciting but it’s laying the … Continue reading New app: SensaView


Showing and Dismissing a UIPickerView Control

There seems to be no standard way of dealing with UIPickerViews. Sometimes they are attached right to the bottom of the interface and never move around (like in the built-in Clock application.) Other times they fly up from the bottom like the keyboard but are embedded in a UIToolbar or UIActionSheet. I’ve come up with … Continue reading Showing and Dismissing a UIPickerView Control

App-A-Week Challenge Update, also Font Tip! (Also, Snippets!)

PizzaPal has been updated to 1.1 with the following changes: Removed iAds. Added 4th pizza comparator. Yeah, I know, that’s kind of cheap to count that as an app release. Whatever, making an app a week is no picnic. Oh, also, if you do any kind of coding/programming, you should totally check this out: I’ve … Continue reading App-A-Week Challenge Update, also Font Tip! (Also, Snippets!)

App-A-Week Challenge, Week 5

Hey folks. I know you’re all just on the edge of your seats waiting to find out what’s in store for this week. Here’s what’s going on: The music/pitch app I was working on will need more work. I thought I had a good implementation of the “zero-crossing” pitch detection algorithm but, while it works … Continue reading App-A-Week Challenge, Week 5

AVCaptureSession + vImageBoxConvolve_ARGB8888 = FUN;

Hey kids, just a small update today. Here’s what I’ve been playing with: It’s an iPhone app for devices running iOS 5+ that takes video frames from the front camera and performs a vImageBoxConvolve twice to simulate a gaussian blur. It does this in realtime (well, ~15fps) and the slider sets the blur radius. The … Continue reading AVCaptureSession + vImageBoxConvolve_ARGB8888 = FUN;