Lens•Lab for Mac Released!

We are pleased to announce that Lens•Lab for Mac has been released on the Mac App Store!

Click here to purchase. Thanks to our customers and testers! Let me know if you have any problems or feature requests.


2 thoughts on “Lens•Lab for Mac Released!

  1. luc

    Nice job, do you plan to make a french localisation ? here con can find after some equivalent english/french

    Hyperfocal Hyperfocale
    DoF Far PdC loin
    Focal Dist Dist focale
    DoF Near PdC près
    Dof Total PdC totale
    Simulated blur Flou simulé
    Rules Lines Lignes règles
    Vertical AoV
    Sensor format Capteur format
    full Frame equiv Equiv plein format
    distance Units Unités
    Focal Distance Distance focale
    Focal Lengh Focale
    Aperture Ouverture

    1. Hi Luc,

      Thanks so much for the French equivalent words!

      I’ve begun the process of localizing Lens•Lab but I don’t know how long until it will be ready. I’m aware of how important it is which is why I want to get it right before release.

      As it is, the text labels are “pixel tight” which means I’d have to move some stuff around for localizations. So I have some work to do, but your translations will certainly come in handy!

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